How voice technology will reshape business?

How voice technology will reshape business?

Voice technology has been developing since last few years. But its growth and usage have not as substantial as we expected. The coming years will see a massive upsurge in its usage once businesses figure out how to use it to be more effective.

 A survey conducted among technology makers reveals that although there is a massive response to the new interface, less than 30% said they were using it at work.

The growth in voice-enabled devices has been tremendous.

Siri, Google Now or Alexa have already entered 43 million homes in America. A video of an old Italian lady using Google Mini got millions of views, proving how much fun you can have with such smart assistants.

 So why is to not being used in the workplace? and Can it help more business change the way they do things?

According to Google, about 20% of daily searches are now voice based. And Gartner says within the next two years, there will a be 30% jump in voice-based search and results.

 As the AI technology and Machine Learning get better with time, these voice-based personal assistants will do a lot more.

 To make the most of these new opportunities, businesses are investing significant resources to make sure their offerings can work with smart homes and voice-based assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Businesses can even start their own voice-based assistant by using IBM’s white labelled ‘Watson’ assistant. Corporate organisations can develop their own system without giving away control to Amazon or Google. Watson Assistant is a mix of Watson Conversation and Watson Virtual Agent and uses IBMs analytical APIs.

But they are not the only ones in the voice-based service. Cisco is working on an assistant to manage meetings within businesses. The Spark Assistant will be built into Cisco’s conference room devices. The new tool comes from a company called MindMeld. The expectation is that in a few years, Spark Assistant can bring in a lot of important and relevant information to a meeting at a moment’s notice. It will also record meetings, send action items to individuals etc, making the entire meeting an effortless and productive exercise.

But for the technology to take the next big step, the problems with voice search need to be fixed. Many believe Voice Search Optimisation will be the next big thing in voice technology.

As these problems get resolved, more and more businesses will get on board with voice-based services.

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