How to add more games SNES classic

How to add more games SNES classic

Whenever a new electronic device comes out, the happy hacking crowd will rush to get the glory of being the first one to unlock it. Apart from being a nerd rush, the urge to break the rules and the curiosity to run Doom on anything new motivates the geeks’ squad to find a new way to break through the barrier sets by the manufacturers.

 The cases of Nintendo’s SNES classic is no different. The classic console was sold out within minutes in many cities. Within 24 hours, they were unlocked and YouTube was flooded with videos of new games being played on SNES.

So how can you add more games to SNES?

When you are not a coding master, the best thing to do is wait a few days. By then, the expert hackers will test a few ways and hand us a simple recipe to break through the limitations of the new device.

 Here are the steps to add more games to your new SNES classic console.

First, get a ROM image copy of the games you would like to add to SNES. In case you have your old Nintendo cartridges, you can use a tool like Retrode to extract the ROM image of the game. Aside from this, there is a big pile of illegal games online. You can get those too. But beware of the legality of using such a ROM.

Once you have the games ready, get hold of Team Shinkansen’s hakchi2 from Github. Unzip it and run the Exe file on your PC. Choose the region and then click on Kernel and choose Dump Kernel. If something goes wrong, you can restore the original using this dump.

 Follow the screenshots shown and connect your SNES using the USB cable. It will ask your hit some buttons at some point in time. Pay attention and follow along closely.

In time, all the lights on your SNES will go off. This is when you can go to the next step of adding new games. Choose Add more games from the menu and select the ROMs you want to load. When you are done selecting, click on Synchronize. The app will ask if you want to flash the new games on to the console, click yes and then press ok.

 Once it is done, unplug your device and start it. You will find the new games in a folder called other games.

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